C. Edward Brice has spent most of his life in the desert Southwest and grew up on the Navajo Indian reservation where his mother was a teacher. Edward studied at Arizona State University where he earned a degree in international marketing. During his career Edward has worked for some of the largest multinational companies where he developed and managed global marketing organizations and lived for more than 12 years in the New York City area. A recognized B2B marketing blogger Edward blogs on all things social media and marketing related at: MarketingGimbal.

Today in an effort to develop the artist within Edward pursues an interest in all forms of digital media in an effort to catch “the moments of light” that pass us by during our chaotic daily lives. In capturing these “moments of light” we are able to slow down and appreciate the amazing beauty, and art that exists all around us. With the democratization of media and the associated tools, each and every one of us now has the power to create, and develop our inner creative being. In doing so we will have a fuller and more meaningful existence.

The objective of this site is to share the momnets captured, and to open a forum for the equal sharing of knowledge so that we may all develop our artisit within. Today Edward lives with his wife Anna in Scottsdale Arizona, and can usually be found lugging photographic and lighting gear into the desert, finding an abandoned building or struggling with the latest media software in an effort to develop his artist within.

Share the journey.