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Park Life

Caught some street life in China Town on a recent business trip to San Fran early in the morning one day. Processed in LR3 and Nik Silver Efx 2. Lens was a 50mm. I decided on different crop for this image as I liked the two guys to the left and right. I thought i would try more of a HD feel to get them in but reduce the noise and focus on the women.

I think this crop really helps make this a more interesting image as you get a little lost in looking at the still life in the park. Let me know your thoughts and suggestions.


Nuff said

Using my 50MM and Photoshop for a Different Perspective




Photo inspired by the work of local AZ photographer Jon Matthies. You can see Jon's work here at his website.

In this image I forced myself to shoot with my 50mm on recent trip to San Fran in an effort to try and develop my eye. I have never fallen in love with my 50mm and have used my 60mm far more but most prefere my 28-70mm zoom.



It was good challenge and experience as it did give me some different perspective. I also forced myself to try different camera angles and of course new approaches to post processing.

In this image I processed mostly in LR3, and then brought it into CS5. I applied a levels adjustment but used the lightness bar at the bottom to remove practically all light. I then used a brush at about 10% opacity and just got creative with painting back in the normal image exposure to a degree I liked.

Its a cool technique if your shooting the mundane and want to get some sizzle in your imagery. I then brought it back into LR3 and applied a blur fileter with contrast. Thats it maybe 10min tops in post.