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Light Boxing


During the Joel Grimes workshop Joel mentioned some techniques he used with one light to get some great soft light wraps and reflectivity. I have always liked this image of Joel’s and wanted to try some experimentation on my own


So I thought I would set out to build a poor mans light box made out of white poster foam core board. I built a simple L sharp with a short square piece of foam core and a longer rectangualr version. I joined the corners of these two pieces with gaffers tape.

I then used a rectangular piece of foam core as the “floor” of the box around which i fit my L structure. I didn’t join the two as the l structure stood upright without any issues. Here’s a image of my light box in use:


Using model Tiffany Jackson, who was kind enough to put up with my rookie level of experimentation, I produced these two images from the light boxing part of the session:







Key Learning’s: I need to make the light box higher. Cropping and saving time in photoshop is key and you need more vertical height to make this work more efficiently. Experiment with different ISO and aperture settings to find one you like. This is more of a creative exercise in my view than anything else. Its easy to build and you will have fun trying to see what your like.


Nuff Said.






















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Temple of Light

Background: Used under creative commons courtesy of Edmondson Photography <a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/al001/”>www.flickr.com/photos/al001/</a> Worked on another composite. For some reason I had temples flying around in my head. I work on some tone matching techniques as thats a real struggle for me in my compositing.

I matched tones via the channels layer and using curves across red, blur, and green. I then used selective colors “neutrals” but I think I removed to much black in hindsight. Stobist: 2 ab 1600 behind model and camera right and left with small photoflex softboxes 1 ab 400 overhead on axis with small photoflex octobox. Camera shutter 160 f/11 ISO 100 focal: 58mm

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