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The 5 Most Common Photo Processing Techniques and How to do Them in Photoshop


Here are some of the most common photography processing techniques and how to do them in Photoshop.

Nuff Said.

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How To Clean a Studio Floor in Photoshop

Came across a cool little tutorial by Don Fadel of Kidona photography on how to use Photoshop to clean up your studio floor. I captured some notes from Don’s video tutorial that you can see here:

Cleaning up a studio floor in Photoshop
• Copy Background Layer (Cmd J)
• Make duplicate layer blend mode to overlay
• Open up filters
• Open Noise and select dust and scratchers
• Set radius to around 10-14
• Add a black layer mask
• Select brush foreground to white
• Paint in effect to your desire
• Still need to address layer dirt/etc with additional methods like content aware, healing brush or clone tool etc..


Nuff Said..

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Sunset Balloons


You cant see them very well off in the distance but they are there. This was my forst time-lapse ever so not very good.



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Arizona Sunset Timelapse

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How to Take Long Exposures With a Neutral Density Filter

Great tutorial on taking long exposures with a ND filter.

Long Exposure Tutorial with Scott Kelby


Dont forget to:

Tape over the view finder
f/11 or higher

Use remote release shutter. Movement will kill you.

Nuff said.

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Park Life

Caught some street life in China Town on a recent business trip to San Fran early in the morning one day. Processed in LR3 and Nik Silver Efx 2. Lens was a 50mm. I decided on different crop for this image as I liked the two guys to the left and right. I thought i would try more of a HD feel to get them in but reduce the noise and focus on the women.

I think this crop really helps make this a more interesting image as you get a little lost in looking at the still life in the park. Let me know your thoughts and suggestions.


Nuff said

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Crested Saguaro

I was inspired by Joel Grimes Desert series’.flickr.com/photos/29210138@N04/sets/72157606769087639/ and wanted to try to photograph this awesome crested saguaro with some light play.

First why is a crested saguaro so amazing? The giant Saguaro cactus of Arizona is known for one peculiarity: about 1 in 200,000 cacti is of the “crested” form, rather than the common tall armed form. The crested form usually begins growing like a regular saguaro, but then bulbs and branches in sort of a fan-shaped pattern. These saguaros are valued, and due to their rarity, the question arises of the possible environmental loss if even one of their number is destroyed.

I loaded up camera, lenes, tripod,2 lightstands,2 580exII and placed everyhting on my back as I set out in the hot desert sun to try and find the fabled crested saguaro. I was doing a meet up with some photographers at  a local watering hole and the doorman gave me a tip on the sly as to where this majestic beast lay. Of course that was after a few beers and a few months back.

I hiked about a 1/2 mile in the McDowell Mountain preserve and low and behold I saw a odd looking cactus off in the distance by some rocks. The only issue is I had to bivouac across undisturbed desert to get to it and all I thought about was how many rattle snakes I would meet on the way. Luckily they must have still been coming out of their winter slumber as I didn’t see any.

Crested Saguaro

I reached the cactus and set up my lights. I was shooting in high speed synch. Even though the sun was in the mid to late afternoon it was still bright, and I hadn’t doubled up my speed-lights to try and over power the sun. In that case I really had to shut the sun out as much as possible and that brought me past my normal synch speed of 1/250.

I set my speed lights to camera left and t camera right and triggered them with pocket wizards. So there I was in the middle of the desert with light gear, and then I realized the one thing I forgot to pack-water.

Needless to say it was a long and thirsty walk back, but I got my crested. Nuff Said.

Camera Settings:

Shutter: 1/1600


Iso 200

Lens: 10-22mm


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