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The 5 Most Common Photo Processing Techniques and How to do Them in Photoshop


Here are some of the most common photography processing techniques and how to do them in Photoshop.

Nuff Said.

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How To Clean a Studio Floor in Photoshop

Came across a cool little tutorial by Don Fadel of Kidona photography on how to use Photoshop to clean up your studio floor. I captured some notes from Don’s video tutorial that you can see here:

Cleaning up a studio floor in Photoshop
• Copy Background Layer (Cmd J)
• Make duplicate layer blend mode to overlay
• Open up filters
• Open Noise and select dust and scratchers
• Set radius to around 10-14
• Add a black layer mask
• Select brush foreground to white
• Paint in effect to your desire
• Still need to address layer dirt/etc with additional methods like content aware, healing brush or clone tool etc..


Nuff Said..

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