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My Afternoon With Blair Bunting

I had the opportunity to spend the day with nationally renowned and local photographer Blair Bunting . Blair is a young guy for being so successful but due to his technical proficiencies with lighting he has had many a door open for him in his young life.  As with most successful people they love what they do, work hard at their craft, and are innovative.

We had a very small workshop today where we discussed the challenges of commercial and advertising photography and light set ups and ratios. Blair does use a light meter, but he is keen to point out that he uses a light meter to establish his ratios, and does not use it to determine his exposure. Exposure is usually set based on the subjects skin tone.

Blair is known for using a lot of lights, and his basic portraiture is no different with the use of 5 basic lights. What makes it work is the ratios of how all these lights work together. Don’t think Blair has to have a lot of lights. He actually prefers the use of a single light, and has no issue working with speed lights as he did for his Greatest Catch work.

Blair also prides himself for doing as much in photography as possible without resorting to Photoshop. Due to that philosophy his technical proficiency is truly great and I’m sure clients appreciate the ability of using someone like Blair knowing that is the time isn’t there that he will get the imagery they need.

If your into smart phone photography Blair started a community at  http://didyoubringthecamera.com/forum/ .  All in all a great day and I learned allot from the effort and will be looking forward to heading back out and trying out what I have learned.

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Light Boxing


During the Joel Grimes workshop Joel mentioned some techniques he used with one light to get some great soft light wraps and reflectivity. I have always liked this image of Joel’s and wanted to try some experimentation on my own


So I thought I would set out to build a poor mans light box made out of white poster foam core board. I built a simple L sharp with a short square piece of foam core and a longer rectangualr version. I joined the corners of these two pieces with gaffers tape.

I then used a rectangular piece of foam core as the “floor” of the box around which i fit my L structure. I didn’t join the two as the l structure stood upright without any issues. Here’s a image of my light box in use:


Using model Tiffany Jackson, who was kind enough to put up with my rookie level of experimentation, I produced these two images from the light boxing part of the session:







Key Learning’s: I need to make the light box higher. Cropping and saving time in photoshop is key and you need more vertical height to make this work more efficiently. Experiment with different ISO and aperture settings to find one you like. This is more of a creative exercise in my view than anything else. Its easy to build and you will have fun trying to see what your like.


Nuff Said.






















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